EMDR Intensives

EMDR Intensives are a condensed way to deliver treatment for people who want faster results and lasting change. Treatment sessions are scheduled for 3-6 hours over the course of 1-5 consecutive days, depending on the individual needs of the client.

Situations where you might choose an EMDR Intensive include:

  • Recent disturbing events have disrupted your life and you want to feel better and get back to previous functioning quickly.
  • You have witnessed or experienced a disturbing or traumatic event in your life and have symptoms that bother you (ie. car accident, work related events in first responders, sexual assault, crime, traumatic medical procedure, severe injury, violence, childhood bullying, military combat, emotional abuse).
  • You want to improve your performance on the job or in the field and don’t want to attend weekly therapy for months or years on end.

Benefits of EMDR Intensives:


Skip the waitlist

By providing intensives, we can treat more people without the wait.

Cost effective

Intensives are highly focused and often require less time and overall cost.

No need to talk extensively about disturbing experiences

EMDR allows healing without having to talk in detail about traumatic experiences.

You don't have to live locally

Clients can travel from anywhere and stay locally for a few days to complete treatment


Feel better faster

Intensives are highly concentrated and focused so that you can make faster progress and lasting change.

No weekly appointments needed

You don’t need to schedule your life around weekly therapy visits.


The Full Day (6 hour) Intensive rate is $1200 – $1500 per day.

The Half Day (3 hour) Intensive rate is $600 – $750 per day.

To see if you are a good candidate for EMDR Intensive session, book a free 20 minute Consult with Kerry Rollins here.

FAQ about EMDR Intensives

How long do intensives take?

Full day intensives are a total of 6 hours, including short breaks and a lunch break.

Half day intensives are a total of 3 hours.

During the initial phone consultation to, the clinician will evaluate your needs and make a recommendation on the total number of hours you will most likely need. 

How do I prepare for an intensive?

Treat the intensive days like a personal retreat. We encourage you to allow yourself time to relax, exercise, get a massage or enjoy any other pleasurable activity on these days.

How much will it cost?

The Full Day (6 hour) Intensive rate is $1200 – $1500 per day (price varies per clinician)

The Half Day (3 hour) Intensive rate is $600 – $750 per day. (price varies per clinician)

What if I need to cancel?

Cancellations within 2 weeks of the start date will be refunded.

Cancellations within 1 week of the start date will be refunded, minus the 50% non-refundable deposit. 

No Show’s will be charged the non-refundable deposit. 


What if I finish early and don’t need all of the time scheduled?

There is a minimum charge of two days. After that, you will be billed in half day increments, rounded up. For example, if you scheduled 3 consecutive full days (6 hour days), and complete your work within the first 3 hours of the third day, you will be billed for 2 full days and 1 half day.

How do I know if an EMDR intensive is right for me?

Before scheduling, all clients must meet with the clinician for a free 20 minute consultation to determine if you would be a good candidate for intensive EMDR treatment.

Where do intensives take place?

Half day intensives can be completed virtually or in the office.

Full day intensives are completed in-person, in the office.

What if I am already in treatment with a therapist?

You can continue to work with your current therapist and receive EMDR as an adjunct therapy.